☻ Hello* 
This is the website of
Nathaniel Russel Coonrod,
Creative Director. 

I’m a designer, 
turned art director, 
turned creative director, 
turned TV maker, 
turned accidental writer.
I can’t help it.

Here’s a few selected brands I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing, launching, or rethinking during the past few years.

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I oversaw and established the positioning, launch, and rebrand of the VICE Media Group. Housing VICE’s family of brands so each could have an individually established voice, while lettting the VICE brand retain a sence of self. 

VICELAND - ︎ See More

A TV channel launched when no one thought one should. We peeled back the curtain of what it meant to be a channel made of people. I oversaw creative voice, visual brand, campaigns and interstitial content with one of the best teams I’ve ever had.  

WEED WEEK - ︎ See More

A week of weed related programming, a ton of very weird stunts, multiple campaigns, and more real weed than had ever been on a shoot of that scale before. 

VICELABS - ︎ See More

For a few beautiful years I helped run the experimental short form video arm of VICELAND known as VICELABS. We created interstitial content across linear and social that gave the brand and shows an extended voice, keeping viewers enaged in commercial breaks and giving us a new platform to speak about both important social issues, while also doing unnecessary experiments that turned into TV shows.   

VICE NEWS - ︎ See More

VICE NEWS challenges the very notion of what “News” is. We think it can be smarter, more impactful, more experiential, less bullshit.


As VICE grew at an exponential rate, we needed to define what it meant to work there on a global scale. Why the hell did anyone walk through the doors every day, we sought to challenge the why. 

VICE VOTE - ︎ See More

A national push to engage voters around the issues they care about during the midterms. The campaign was adapted across Europe with surprising success.


Where I’ve been the last 14 (ooof) years.

Currently, I’m making whatever I find most interesting;
previously, I was the Executive Creative Director of the VICE Media Group Brand;
before that, I was Creative Director of VICELAND;
before that, I was freelancing at the ad agencies;
before that, W+K let me get weird for 6 years;
before that, I’m a designer.